A|X: Store Design

A|X Interior Design Cover

In the beginning

After four years spearheading the in-store shop program with Marithé & François Girbaud, I was recruited to join Giorgio Armani to help
 bring Armani Jeans to the U.S. By the time we finished, we had an award-winning new brand with stores in every major city in America. A|X Armani Exchange now has over 200 stores around the world.

This was a breakthrough role for me and was my 
first true experience in comprehensive brand development.

I had the privilege of collaborating directly with industry leaders 
in fashion, retail, and interior design, gaining more real-world creative insight in a single meeting than you’d find in a semester of college.

Tags:Advertising / Fashion / Launch / Packaging / Retail / Roll-out / Signage / Store Design