Embracing the Future:
3D Gallery Innovation

When lockdowns forced art galleries to find new ways to work, 3D gallery software became a necessary innovation.

At Motherhaus, we value the integration of art, craft, and technology. Our partnership with KunstMatrix offers:

  • Minimal, Elegant Room Designs: Virtual gallery spaces that let the art speak for itself.
  • Clean Renderings: High-quality visualizations that present every detail clearly.
  • Smooth User Experience: Easy navigation for an enjoyable interaction with the art.
  • Remarkably Phone-Friendly: Optimized for mobile devices, making art accessible anywhere.

KunstMatrix also provides stunning premium 3D galleries for those with a larger budget, enhancing the virtual exhibition experience.

A 3D gallery is an engaging and straightforward way to connect with your audience. It is easy to design, update, and maintain, making it a practical solution for modern exhibitions.

How can a 3D gallery work for you?

  • Expand Your Reach: Connect with art lovers worldwide, removing geographical limits.
  • Create Immersive Experiences: Offer an interactive journey through your art.
  • Maintain Flexibility: Easily update and curate your gallery.
  • Enhance Accessibility: Ensure your art is viewable on various devices, reaching a broader audience.

Embrace this innovative medium with us and transform your exhibitions into immersive, meaningful experiences.

Please check out own Motherhaus galleries below to experience virtual 3D environments for yourself.

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