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15 Phrases That Will Change Your Life In 2015

As the new year approaches, many of us will resolve to transform our bodies — but what about our minds?

Giving ourselves a mental makeover could be just as important as giving ourselves a physical one. But accomplishing that doesn’t just lie in changing our thoughts — it’s also dependent on changing our words.

How we speak — to others and to ourselves — has a huge impact on our overall outlook. So isn’t it about time we started paying more attention to what we’re communicating?

Below are 15 phrases that will transform the way you think, feel and act in the coming year. Using your words to change your life? Now that’s a resolution worth keeping.

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Grammar lesson from Stephen Fry

He makes some good points, but bad grammar still makes my skin crawl.

Entering the Mystery

We are slowed down sound and light waves,
a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the
music of the cosmos. We are souls dressed up
in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies
are the instruments through which our souls
play their music.” ~Albert Einstein

I just came across an outstanding podcast from Tara Brach on “Entering the Mystery,” with some profound and moving stories.

You can download it here: 20130417-Tara_Brach-IMCW-entering_the_mystery.mp3

2013-04-17 – Entering the Mystery – John O’Donahue writes, “We are so busy managing our lives, we forget this great mystery we are involved in.” This talk looks at the ways we pull away from the mystery and the path of “beginners mind” that enables us to encounter this living world with freshness, courage and wonder. Please support this podcast by donating at or Your donations allow us to continue to freely offer the teachings!

Finding sense of purpose: an I Ching reading

I did a reading last night about finding a sense of purpose and this is what came through. The I Ching is spookily amazing. This one includes a guide to meditation.

Hexagram 22: PI
Inside, the strength of
simplicity and self-knowledge.
Outside, the beauty of
acceptance and gentleness.

This hexagram encourages you to cultivate a quality of grace in your relationships and in your general way of being. In this way you gain a power greater than any other to open a way through obstructions in your dealings with others. Good fortune is yours if you concentrate on bringing more grace to your thoughts and actions now.

It is human nature to want to use forceful ways to try to get what we want from others and from life. Our egos encourage us to act aggressively, to speak boldly, to intimidate others, to “buffalo” our way through difficult situations. This false power can be momentarily satisfying to our ego, and temporary victories can be won in this way, but genuine power and lasting progress come from a different kind of strength altogether.

They come from inner strength, which is characterized by a steadfast devotion to the principles of humility, simplicity, equanimity, and acceptance. By gradually letting go of the vain, bullying energy of the ego and accepting the quiet guidance of the Higher Power, one acquires the substance that makes ongoing good fortune a possibility.

This is a time to relinquish self-important maneuvering. Instead, return to stillness and contemplate the inherent wisdom of the principles of the Sage. By practicing quiet strength within and gentle acceptance without, you acquire a grace that dissolves all barriers to progress.

In the beginning, one must walk slowly and carefully. Do not assume that you know the answers or need to force a solution. Remain modest and allow the Unknown to guide you.

Hexagram 52: KÊN
Still your emotions through meditation.

Receiving this hexagram is a sign that you need to quiet your emotions so that you can think clearly. To answer the clamorings of the ego with action now is to invite misfortune. The I Ching counsels non action and the stilling of the emotions through meditation.

It is the nature of having a body to have strong feelings and impulses. However, if we allow our thinking to be controlled by them, we cannot act with the gentleness, neutrality, and graceful wisdom of the Sage. Instead, we move rashly when we ought to keep still, or we solidify when we ought to remain fluid. Therefore it is necessary to quiet the body and its inferior elements so that our thoughts and actions may be clear and balanced.

Three things are advised. First, sit quietly in a self-supporting position with your back straight and eyes closed. Second, observe the flow of your bodily emotions. Do not judge or resist them; the simple practice of watching them come, linger, and go without acting on them allows you to gradually separate them from your thought processes. Third, turn your inner conflicts over to the Deity for resolution.

The help of the Higher Power is only made available to those who ask for it in a disciplined way, who make an offering of their stillness and mindfulness. Through meditation we reduce the influence of the inferior elements and make it possible for the Sage to assist us. Keep still as a mountain now and you will be rewarded with good fortune.

from the I Ching, or Book of Changes: A Guide to Life’s Turning Points, by Brian Browne Walker

How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking and be The Truest Version of Yourself

A truly inspiring video on public speaking and being true to yourself.

In this video Luke Rudkowski tells you how to deal with one of the biggest fear’s, the fear of public speaking. He goes into great detail about his personal strategy and gives you some advice on how to mentally and physically deal with the fear. We hope this video is helpful to you and we wish to continue this dialog series so please ask us your questions on Luke’s social media.

An Interview with Sir Martin Sorrell

Below find an excerpt from the formerly reviled for its inaccuracies, but now much beloved for its dishy entertainment value,

An Interview with Sir Martin Sorrell

A few weeks ago, we asked you to tell us what you would ask WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell if given the chance. Well, 54 of you submitted questions that covered it all. And as much as we’d like to ask him all 54, we narrowed it down to 10.

Here’s what he had to say.


Question 3: What are your plans for the future for JWT Inside, the employment communications arm of JWT. There continues to be layoffs and the hiring picture in the US is bleak.

Sir Martin: “Employment advertising is structurally and cyclically challenged at the moment, to say the least. Craigslist and other on-line “free” competition is very tough and traditional classified press media have paid the price.

However, the opportunities for internal communication grow and grow, even in difficult times, as chairmen and ceos wrestle with the need to communicate strategy and structure not only externally, but internally too. We will continue to seek to expand our capabilities in these areas, but employment advertising in old media continues to be challenged, particularly in mature western markets. We need to expand our capabilities even further in new media.”

I think that’s positive.

Isn’t it?