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This is Not a Conspiracy Theory

Matrix Conspiracy

“There is no conspiracy. Nobody is in charge.”

Here is a fascinating new project that looks into the world we live in and our human instinct to attribute a human hand and a human will to a societal structure that has gone beyond human.

This is Not A Conspiracy Theory is also an interesting approach to creating and funding a media project. Check it out.

“What we are now realizing is that we are guided, constrained, and even controlled by the systems we have made, by the rules, institutions, and technologies we ourselves created. And these systems have no ideology. They have no ambitions. They are not greedy. They are not good, and they are not evil. They are simply not like us.”

The Film before The Film

THE FILM before THE FILM from ntsdpz on Vimeo.

If you’ve ever seen a movie, you’ve seen opening titles of some kind. Opening credits have existed pretty much since the beginning of moving pictures, and they are as varied as the films themselves.
“THE FILM before THE FILM” is a short documentary that traces the evolution of title design through the history of film.
This short film was a research project at the BTK (Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule) that takes a look at pioneers like Saul Bass, Maurice Binder and Kyle Cooper by showing the transitions from early film credits to the inclusion of digital techniques, a resurgence of old-school style, and filmmakers' love of typography in space.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions contact us: filmbeforefilm[at]


Nora Thoes, Damian Pérez

Animation & Cut:
Nora Thoes, Damian Pérez

Text & Translation:
Nora Thoes, Christian Mahler

Sound & Dubbing:
Damian Pérez

Proofreading & Voice:
Demetrius Papadakis

Christian Mahler, Daniel Wangen

Special Thanks to:
Ian Albinson for his suggestions and corrections.
Art of the Title for the wide range of opening titles.

Not Very Social: Apple's Inability To Engage Gnaws At Its Image


PC infidel that I am, I recognize my status as one of the unenlightened when it comes to the relative merits of the whole iCulture.

Their quite-pretty-but-not-quite-functional portable telephones notwithstanding, I have come to accept (and have been corrected repeatedly when repudiating this) that Apple and its products represent the begin-and-end-all of everything worthwhile in design, music, art, film, technology and culture in general. The company is, therefore, above criticism of any type. It is irreproachable, infallible. It is iIt.

However, I do believe this blogger has a valid point (and a PC too, no doubt):