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Ministry: "Everyday Is Halloween" – YouTube

Not for the squeamish, but they put some seriously cool video to this song. Horror classics with classic industrial.

Film clips from: Fright NIght, Near Dark, Nosferatu, Phantasm, The Omen II, Sleepy Hollow, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nightmare On Elm Street 2, Alucarda, Satánico Pandemonium, Zombie, This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse, Clownhouse, 976-Evil, Hellraiser, Return of the Living Dead, Halloween III, The Omen, Shaun of the Dead, C.H.U.D., Fear No Evil, Angel, Night Watch, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Ministry: "Everyday Is Halloween" – YouTube.


America’s Alchemical Roots | Disinformation

“Our rich cultural history is one of the unfortunate victims of the pathetic cultural battle between Creationist and Neo-Atheist cliques. Were the founders of the United States hardline Christians? Secular humanists? Just typing these questions, I’m bored already. Thankfully, there’s evidence they weren’t either, seems like a good number of them were Alchemists.”

via America’s Alchemical Roots | Disinformation.

Squinch your eyes for better photos


Photographer Peter Hurley shows you how to look more confident—and sexy—next time you’re in front of the camera.