Color is also a feeling

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How do you explain color to someone without sight? Color is also feeling.

From The Cut:

“For a while in my childhood, after a period of nothing, all I had was light and dark.” During that time, she explained, her friends and family tried their best to translate feeling into color, reframing sights into experiences that didn’t require the sense at all. Here are a few:

They had me stand outside in the sun. They told me that the heat I was feeling is red. They explained that red is the color of a burn, from heat, embarrassment, or even anger.

They put my hands in their pool. They told me that that sensation I felt while swimming, that omnipresent coolness, that’s blue. Blue feels like relaxation.

I held soft leaves and wet grass. They told me green felt like life. To this day it is still very much my favorite color.

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Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash