overheard in new york

Girl, about smoking preggers passerby: That’s disgusting. How could any woman nowadays still smoke knowing that they’re pregnant?

Mother, taking drag from her own cigarette: Good thing you were adopted.

–23rd & Lex

Teen: Iced cappuccino, please.

Middle-aged tourist: Aren’t you a little young for that much caffeine, sweetie?

Teen: Uhhh, I’m from New York — there was caffeine in my breast milk.

Middle-aged tourist: Oh! You’re from here! Well… Could you give me directions to–

Teen: –Don’t you people have maps for that kind of thing?

–Bread Factory, 785 Lexington

Rabbi: So, what was the best part of your week?
College Jew: Hmmm… I guess reading for three hours in the library.
Rabbi: Oh? What did you read about?
College Jew: Hitler.

–NYU Hillel

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