Armani Exchange Flagship
A|X Interior Design Cover

In the beginning

After four years spearheading the in-store shop program with Marithé & François Girbaud, I was recruited to join Giorgio Armani to help
 bring Armani Jeans to the U.S. By the time we finished, we had an award-winning new brand with stores in every major city in America. A|X Armani Exchange now has over 200 stores around the world.

This was a breakthrough role for me and was my 
first true experience in comprehensive brand development.

I had the privilege of collaborating directly with industry leaders 
in fashion, retail, and interior design, gaining more real-world creative insight in a single meeting than you’d find in a semester of college.

Key Influences

Pierre Charreau’s Maison de Verre for the overall style, translucent wall panels, materials, and details

Pierre Charreau’s Quonset Studio for Motherwell for space and form

Pantelleria (Mr. Armani’s island getaway) for lifestyle and weathered finishes

Army Post Exchange (PX) for organization, presentation, and eventually the name of the store

Milan for overhead cables and lighting (real Milan streetlights were imported for the early stores)

Green grocers and butcher shops for bins, butcher wrap, and stickers

A|X Armani Exchange Interior
A|X Fitting Rooms and Wrap Desk



I had a broad range of responsibilities, working on every aspect of the store concept and roll-out:

Concept Development :: Branding :: Fixture Design and Engineering

Materials and Finishes :: Lighting :: Sound Systems

Custom Air Fragrance Development :: Music Programming

Packaging Development and Sourcing :: Equipment Design

Staff Training :: Training Materials :: Merchandising :: POS Collateral

Visual Display :: Signage :: Stationery :: POS Systems :: Store Roll-out



A|X Hangers

I thought of the hangers as an extension of the store fixturing and so incorporated the same weathered metal finishes as we used throughout the store. Rubber shoulder pads were added to carry the garments and the A|X logo was embossed into the metal neck plate.

Training Materials

A|X Flashcards

A|X had a huge range of silhouettes, fits and washes. Instead of a typical training manual, I created a set of flashcards for the employees so they could easily quiz themselves and each other as they learned about the products. Games make learning fun.


ISP/VMSD Interior Design Awards 1992
Store of the Year

ID Magazine, 1992
Gold Award (for my hangers)

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