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The top of the “T” in this iconic ligature is inspired by the shape of deep sea rigs. The vertical split has the feeling of a pipe or other conduit for the conveyance of commodities.

Hard Work, Honesty, and Openness

This new asset management firm invests across commodity sectors. The firm’s name comes from the history of American pioneers moving from established coastal settlements into unknown new places and destinies. Their personal and professional values reflect the same: hard work, walking the talk, keeping things open and honest, and solving problems together.

The brand needed to be straightforward and approachable, yet refined. Our scope covered:

  • Strategic Brief for Corporate Identity and Communications
  • Identity Design
  • Business Stationery
  • Communications Suite of Key Messages and Uses
  • Pitch Book Design
  • Style Guide

The results were a flexible visual identity system and communication guidelines that are adaptable to any situation or audience.

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