Be Greater Than Good
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be > good

An Employer Value Proposition, or EVP, is a promise between an employer and its employees, defining what employers expect of their employees and what employees expect of their employer, in a simple, yet powerful way.

Here is the creative expression of a proposed PepsiCo EVP:
Be Greater Than Good.

Kevin King was Creative Director at JWT INSIDE for this project.

About this Project

Brand Context

At the time, PepsiCo was updating the logos of its major brand properties, reducing them to iconic graphics.

PepsiCo Brands: Quaker
PepsiCo Brands: Gatorade

Iconic images were showing up in other PepsiCo initiatives, such as the Refresh Project.

PepsiCo Refresh Project

We were inspired

In keeping with the PepsiCo iconic approach to logos, we expressed the EVP “Be Greater Than Good”using familiar symbol:

Greater Than Good Greater Than Sign
Be Greater Than Good Attributes

And because it is reduced to a universal symbol, it works internationally.

Be Greater Than Good International Appeal

Activation Thoughts

Be Greater Than Good URL

The employee recruitment website focuses on real PepsiCo employees, telling their personal stories of being greater than good.

Greater Than Good Website

T-shirt messaging reinforces the proposition.

Greater Than Good T-Shirt

Placements on factory doors and trucks keep the EVP top-of-mind.

Greater Than Good Factory Door
Greater Than Good Trucks

Employees receive lapel pins in recognition of greater-than-good performance.

Greater Than Good Lapel Pin

The EVP works for all PepsiCo Brands.

PepsiCo is Greater Than Good
All PepsiCo Brands are Greater Than Good

The EVP works in all cultures, and can be expanded upon to promote EVP attributes.

we > me
lead > follow
famiglia > soldi
different > same
do > talk
we > me


As a large multinational corporation, it is important to find ways to bridge the distances. A Sister Factories, Sister Offices program builds cameraderie throughout PepsiCo and creates stronger teams, reinforcing the EVP values.

Sister Factories, Sister Offices

Community also means the world we all live in. Helping your neighbors is also part of the PepsiCo EVP.

give > take

The “Be Greater Than Good” app sends alerts about community events and actions.

Greater Than Good App

The platform allows for “Greater Than” programs to help fight hunger, domestic violence, and other community issues.

be > hungerbe > hunger
be > fear
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