Perfect Pairings
Meal Mates

Perfect Pairings.

This in-store campaign pairs Kraft with General Mills to cross-promote their grocery items while boosting Target’s P-Fresh products.


The three-phase program is simple: buy two items—one from Kraft, one from General Mills—and save.

Breakfast (April): Morning Mates
Lunch (September): Lunch Mates
Health & Wellness (January): Healthy Mates

Meal Mates

Morning Mates

The talk boxes at the ends of aisles are tagged with the Morning Mates program name and feature a QR code that gives customers access to recipes, coupons, and more. For easy product rotation, product “tabs” lock into the talk boxes and are replaceable. The abstract background image ties in with a Target P-Fresh breakfast product: eggs.

Morning Mates

Lunch Mates

Four months later, a new set of talk boxes appear for Lunch Mates and feature a slot holding recipes and shopping lists for takeaway. The abstract background image ties in with a Target P-Fresh lunch product: bread.

Lunch Mates

Healthy Mates

The following season, the new boxes promote Healthy Mates. At checkout, customers receive a Catalina coupon offer that also emphasizes multiple purchases. The abstract background image ties in with a Target P-Fresh product: lettuce.

Healthy Mates Homepage

The MATES branding expands online and introduces lifestyle imagery. Links connect to featured recipe and branded ingredient information. Homepage Spotlight

This Spotlight features links to recipes and an instant coupon. It offers a different approach to the branded ingredients as buttons, linking to product descriptions.

Target Spotlight

iFood Assistant

A “Meal Mate” spotlight button is added to Kraft’s iFood Assistant app. The featured recipe on the homepage is a Meal Mate recipe using the branded products. In addition, there is a coupon function promoting multiple purchases.

iFood App


The Target Circular shows several product combos and the offer promotes multiple purchases. It also reinforces the message that Target carries wide range of food and beverage products.

Target Circular
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