Make It MiNE

This campaign both creates and introduces a new MiO flavor. Inspired by the MiO mantra Make it Yours, we give Target customers a voice in choosing the next version of the water enhancer.

Voting App & Ongoing Vote Tally

With placements on Target.com, Facebook, and the MiO website, this voting app encourages voting with an instant coupon.

MakeItMine Target Homepage

Voting Widget

Spin the Bottle to vote! This widget appears on Target.com, Facebook, the MiO website, on mobile platforms and in banner ads. It features live results in-app, and gives the voter a coupon after voting.

MakeItMine Voting Widget
MakeItMine Facebook

In-store Promotions

Shelving end cap displays serve as voting centers. Customers can either scan a QR code, send a text, or mail in a postcard to cast their vote.

MakeItMine- QR Voting
MakeItMine Endcap
MakeItMine Display

Target Spotlight & Circular

Once the the votes are all counted, ads appear on Target.com and in the store circular promoting the new, Target-exclusive flavor.

MakeItMine Facebook
MakeItMine Circular
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