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Safeguarding the greatest city in the world is no ordinary job. It takes integrity, courage, intelligence, sound judgment and, above all, a real love for New York’s vibrant pulse, rich culture and diverse people.

Kevin King was Creative Director at JWT INSIDE for this project.

Previous Campaign

A Fresh Strategy

NYPD Police Officers take their work seriously, personally, passionately. They share a commitment to their jobs and communities, and know intimately what it means to serve and protect. Through this campaign, we celebrate their humanity, admire the noble purpose behind their efforts, and respect their individuality. In word and deed they are The Finest. They are the NYPD.

We believe that the stories of today’s NYPD Police Officers provide a strong platform for finding the next generation. Their backgrounds, stories and personal commitment are extraordinary, their spirit indomitable. And their personal pledges to the City will capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of the best recruits out there.

The world’s premier city needs the world’s best officers to keep it safe.
The Greatest Needs The Finest.

The proposed creative strategy includes a fully integrated campaign that speaks compellingly to the NYPD’s diverse target audience through a full range of broadcast and interactive media, outdoor and transit advertising channels.

The NYPD’s primary target is young adults, 18 to 34, with a strong academic record. This includes high school seniors; students who currently attend accredited colleges, universities and institutions; those who have completed or partially completed a college degree; as well as young adults contemplating a career change.

We surveyed police officers in New York City and other urban jurisdictions, asking them about their motivation for joining the police force. Several recurring themes emerged:

  • Pride and patriotism (post-911 stature)
  • Community service and desire to make a difference
  • Camaraderie/team membership
  • Excitement/thrill/action
  • Security
  • Independence
  • Job diversity

Several other factors unique to the NYPD influenced our creative strategy and executions:

  • “New York’s Finest” is an almost universal catchphrase for the NYPD.
  • The NYPD is the largest police force in the world and among the most elite.
  • Our research revealed an overwhelming public consensus that the NYPD does its job extremely well.
  • President-elect Obama had re-emphasized the call to serve.
  • A need to integrate Web-based technologies with conventional marketing strategies to create a single, strong call-to-action.

Street Banners

Times Square


Times Square Before


Times Square After

TV Spot


I pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States…


and vow to protect property and preserve life throughout New York City, to the best of my abilities,…


throughout each neighborhood, in every borough, for our 8 million citizens and 40 million visitors.


I will respond whenever help is needed with courtesy, professionalism and respect.


I do this because I choose to be part of something bigger.


I choose to serve.


Radio Spot

:15/:30/:15 Customizable

I pledge to proudly uphold the cause of justice in New York City.

I pledge to protect my fellow New Yorkers, their lives, businesses and property.

I pledge to preserve the peace and be a reassuring presence in my community.

New York’s Finest needs more of the right people to pledge their commitment to a big job: protecting the world’s greatest city.

Become an NYPD Police Officer and proudly serve the city, YOUR city, every day. Good pay, great training, real job security and opportunities only the world’s largest police force offers. The greatest needs the finest. The NYPD needs you!

Visit www.nypdrecruit.com to learn about the upcoming NYPD Police Officer’s Exam. Or call 212-RECRUIT.

I do this for my community.

I do this to make New York City safer.

I do this because I love my city. I choose to serve.

Subway Stairs

NYPD Subway Stairs

Subway Cars - Outside

NYPD Subway Cars Outside

Subway Cars Inside

For inside the subway cards, we employed enticular images: as the passenger moves past the poster, the image transitions between shots of officer in civilian clothes and the various uniforms of job possibilities.

One Pledge. Countless Possibilities.

NYPD Civilian Male
NYPD Yankee Stadium Detail
NYPD Helicopter Pilot
NYPD Civilian Female
NYPD Major Case Squad
NYPD Scuba Team


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Career Center

NYPD Career Center

Presentation Setup

NYPD Pitch Setup
NYPD Notepad and Pen
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