Random notes from Ibiza


1. Blonde girl = Chav(ette).
nine times out of ten.

2. In case of emergency, break dance.

3. Time commits suicide (Angelo bar, Sunday night)

4. Opposite of Control? Permission.

5. Xenophobia is alive and well in the European Union. Does anyone like the Germans besides me?

6. Hed Kandi is chav-erific. Beyond all imagining. Wow. I had no idea chaviness reached such astronomical levels.

7. Danny Tenaglia > Carl Cox. Danny was representing, and his room was a lot more fun.

8. Lots of couples looking for something new. Oh really?

9. Amnesia: I almost forgot.

10. Yes, We still Love Space. The new red room upstairs was bopping.

11. David Sanchez. Es Vive hotel bar. Best music I’d heard that night.

12, Matinee: bored now.

13. German commercial: Dick und Beaver, a game for your handi. Jeez.

Saturday, 19 Sept
Angelo Bar
Hed Kandi at Space
Matinee at Amnesia
David Sanchez at Es Vive Experience

Sunday, 20 Sept
Angelo Bar
We Love Space at Space

Monday, 21 Sept
Angelo Bar

Tuesday, 22 Sept
Carl Cox/Danny Tenaglia at Space

Wednesday, 23 Sept
La Troya at Amnesia

Thursday, 24 Sept
had a cold; dinner and home to sleep

Friday, 25 Sept
sickness-induced dreams making me rethink life