recommendation: speakers


My Cambridge Soundworks system just failed for the third time (I had to replace the receiver a year ago and my second subwoofer from them just went out). Rather than going for yet another repair that was going to take 6 weeks (who can live without music for 6 weeks?) I started looking for a new, simpler solution.

At first I was considering the Apple Hifi, but after reading mixed reviews and rumors of it being discontinued, I came across Audioengine 5, a powered bookshelf system. I have never seen so much praise for any product. It seems like everyone who’s checked it out has been blown away by the quality and the sound.

I found a great deal on them from One Call and the new speakers got here today.

Simply outstanding. Easy set up. Remarkable quality. The sound is room-filling, crystal clear, with more than enough bass (there’s even a sub out if you want to add a subwoofer, but it’s not really necessary). And they work with pretty much any device you have (with all sorts of cables included).

These are the perfect speakers. Highly recommended.

link: Audioengine – Powered stereo speakers for your home and office. Custom built for iPod and other MP3 audio players.

High praise for One Call too. I called them for shipping info before ordering and the guy who helped me really knew his shit. Best customer service I’ve seen in years.