We, three things of Bob’s disorientation are!


I’m tired of attributing every damn thing to that mediabistro blog! So for a change, here are some thoughts running through my disoriented mind:

 1) In some article, somewhere, I saw something I thought was very cool re: Stove Top Stuffing. Seems they created an experiential bus shelter campaign where they heated the shelters for commuters braving the harsh Chicagoland weather. It didn’t necessarily shove stuffing down people’s throats; however, it helped them associate Stove Top with warmth, caring and comfort. I suggested to our beloved Dr. Brooks that we try something similar for a health care client.

 My point? As an agency we should have the cujones to occasionally take our experiential thinking off the computer screen and into the world at large. As of now, nobody in our sector is doing this with any impact or regularity.

 2) I like our noisy new neighbors!  They yell back and forth, laugh, run around, joke. Who are they?  Let’s get to know them. (Another suggestion: would everyone PLEASE introduce him/herself to Dave Clark? He sits in front of Ms. Fenwick and has a fascinating gig!)

 3) What does everybody think about the new brief? I love that it puts “idea” front and center – and that it broadens rather than narrows the creative possibilities!