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Motherhaus is an independent, strategically-focused creative studio with a passion for harmonious, elegant brand communications. Our international team of experts offers insightful solutions to your business challenges, finding your unique essence and expressing it with artful clarity.

Based in New York with a studio in Cape Town, we work with clients around the world, specializing in comprehensive brand launches, brand realignment, symbolic design, and motion graphics.

While we work across all business categories, our dream clients are purpose-centered social enterprises committed to building a more conscious world.


Love is in the building.

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Celebrate America’s Jazz Heritage

If you're in the US, you have more than 7 chances to explore America's jazz [...]

Culture Design Magick

Happy Heritage Day

Happy Equinox and Happy Heritage Day, when we remember the heritage of the many cultures [...]

Magick Zeitgeist

To Janus

To Janus, two-faced Roman God of passages, keeper of the door between past and future, [...]

Culture Deep Thought Video Zeitgeist

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Happy Halloween

'Life is a mask through which the universe expresses itself." CHILDREN OF DUNE Frank Herbert [...]

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The Real Reason London’s Skyscrapers Are Oddly Shaped

Sightlines, space restrictions, and even wind movement influenced the design of London’s skyline. [...]

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Let it happen by itself

Let It Happen by Itself Alan Watts Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash [...]


Find your core values

When you define your core values, you set a foundation for building your brand. Your [...]

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