Jim Cox Headshot

Kevin is a unique resource in the world of digital communications. After owning and operating an ad agency for over 25 years, I came to the conclusion that one cannot find a true professional in the digital world that is both very creative and highly strategic. That changed when I discovered Kevin. Over the past several years he has become a valuable member of my team. His strengths are many, but I most value his ability to team with me in addressing both sterling opportunities and difficult challenges. His understanding of the needs of start ups is impressive, and equally true for businesses in transition. Kevin has worked with me on behalf of my agency clients and supported me in a separate start up venture. I look forward to collaborating with him for many years to come.

Jim Cox / President, Cox Concepts, Inc.
Jill Kaeser

Kevin is a consummate professional and a delightfully refreshing and creative human being. Although I have worked with Kevin for many years, I find myself constantly reminded of what a unique and valuable talent he is. His ideas are magnetic, layered, and always built with the capacity to play well across media. His approach to brand building, while guided by stepwise German logic on the inside, can only be described as fluid on the outside. I believe Kevin has uncovered the secret to successful brand cultivation. He doesn’t just ensure each touch point feels fresh. He pays special attention to space in between—the transition. The brand personality that fills the space between communications is where the brand actually lives and breaths. That’s his magic.

Jill Kaeser / VP Creative Director at 2nd Spark Consulting
Kerry Lowe

Kevin is a creative force with a mind for strategic thinking. I have worked with Kevin on large, evolving branding initiatives and small quick turn around projects. He is a consummate professional whom I know I can depend on for thoughtful creative and there when I need him. To say Kevin is thorough would be an understatement. The quality of work he delivers on a daily basis is near perfection. My team and my clients are in good hands when Kevin is involved. As anyone in this business knows, it is difficult to find a creative spirit who possesses the versatility and depth of knowledge necessary to deliver truly unique ideas across industry verticals. From beverages to consumer package goods to highly technical medical devices, I have seen him do it all and it looks good!

Kerry Lowe / Consultant at 2nd Spark Consulting
Jeanne Reilly

I’ve had the professional and personal privilege to work with Kevin for the past 5 years. He’s my go-to Creative Director for ideas and solutions. Kevin has supported me on a variety of assignments, ranging from internal marketing campaigns to videos, web-based initiatives, presentation design and much more. Kevin is a consummate professional. His easygoing and thoughtful manner combined with his creative and strategic thinking are great strengths. He always delivers his projects on-time and on-budget. And best of all he’s upbeat and fun!

Jeanne Reilly / Multimedia Producer, Kraft Foods
Simon Campbell

I have worked with Kevin for many years, both as a client and a partner, and have experienced "client-facing Kevin" as well as "behind-the-scenes" Kevin. His honesty, integrity and commitment to the best, most strategic creative work is rare and refreshing in both relationships. What does this mean to working with Kevin? Thoughtfulness. Forthrightness. Timelines met. Humour. Passion for integrating creative, brand, strategy, business. Attention to detail. Ability to work well across categories and disciplines. Thoughtful, considered, constructive point-of-view. Clean icons. Functioning sites. Smart design. Great work.

Simon Campbell / Vice President, Global Creative and Brand Director
Chef Fed

Kevin exceeded our expectations from start to finish of the process of designing our company logo. Kevin had a way of finding out the details about our brand and he managed to incorporate the results of his research in his logo design. Highly recommend.

Chef Fed / Michelin-star private NYC chef and cooking class tutor
Peter Campbell

Kevin and I worked on some interactive projects together. I found him to be talented, insightful and professional in every aspect of our work together. He handled unexpected requirements and issues easily and ensured that the results would meet requirements and adapt to changing technical challenges. Additionally to providing Creative, Kevin became a de facto project manager and handled the challenges with ease.

Peter Campbell / President, m3
John Glatt

Kevin is a true professional and his input and creativity was invaluable. A great job and I’d totally recommend Kevin.
Site: <a title="John Glatt Website" href="http://www.johnglatt.com" target="_blank">www.johnglatt.com</a>

John Glatt / Author, Freelance Writing and Editing Consultant
SoJung Lee,

In this industry, it is hard to meet a person like Kevin, who is not only talented but also incredibly kind and caring. Kevin is one of the most impressive supervisors I have met and I am so thankful I had an opportunity to work with him.

SoJung Lee, / Digital Consultant, reported to Kevin at JWT INSIDE
Soli Davis

Kevin is an incredibly talented graphic designer that knows how to take concept and personality and create websites, cards, menus, etc. that reflect the uniqueness of the services offered. He’s done many projects for me, all of which have been effective, beautiful and reflective of who I am in a way I had not thought possible. Whether he’s editing and helping me write copy, choose colors, font..etc. or expanding my website, he always hits the mark exactly. I’ve recommended him to several friends and they all have the same experience! He’s also very easy to work with and delivers on time with an extreme awareness to budget limits and is incredibly resourceful.. a delight to work with! Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creativity.

Soli Davis / Owner, Shibumi Spa
Brian Morris

Never had the pleasure of working with someone as inspiring as Kevin. I have learned so many valuable lessons from our collaborations—principles I continue to apply in my work today.

Brian Morris / Senior Art Director, reported to Kevin at Lowe Interactive/Lowe Worldwide
Delmus Credle

Kevin is a dream to work with…his creative sensibility is unique and unmatched; and, he takes the time to understand the strategic implications of his proposed creative solutions, in terms of the human results, as well as making a positive impact on people’s lives. A difficult balance to achieve, but Kevin manages to do so seamlessly.

Delmus Credle / Strategic Planner, worked with Kevin at Lowe Interactive/Lowe Worldwide
Vina Lam

Kevin was a wonderfully talented and inspirational creative director!

Vina Lam / Art Director, reported to Kevin at Lowe Interactive/Lowe Worldwide
Kysa Johnson

Kevin was an amazing person to work under. He was motivating and inspirational and a truly great talent.

Kysa Johnson / Art Director, reported to Kevin at Lowe Interactive/Lowe Worldwide
Paula McAleese

Kevin is incredibly detail-oriented and patient. In addition to being visually stunning, his creative is smart, thought-provoking and strategically on-target. Kevin is very easy to work with and for and is well-respected. He is an exceptional Creative Director in a sea of mediocrity.

Paula McAleese / VP Account Director, worked indirectly for Kevin at Lowe Interactive / Lowe Worldwide