Heritage Day 2023

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Happy Equinox

Happy Heritage Day

Happy Equinox and Happy Heritage Day, when we remember the heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa.

Here is some cultural heritage I brought to South Africa with me: Brigid’s Cross.⁣

For Brigid’s Day and for other celebrations throughout the year, crosses would be woven out of rushes or straw to honour the ancient Celtic goddess Brigid. The crosses would then be hung over doors and rafters to protect homes and bring blessings.⁣

Brigid’s Day is on 1st February to mark the early stirrings of the northern spring and the return of the light. Brigid is a fire goddess so she is associated with light and illumination.

Here are a few my Brigid crosses. The cross can be either three- or four-armed. I prefer the three-armed version as it connects to Brigid as a triple goddess. ⁣

Brigid’s Cross

I made this cross for today, with flowers and fresh shoots from our garden here in Cape Town and tied with a ribbon made of South African shweshwe fabric. ⁣

When the Christians conquered the north, Brigid became Saint Brigid and the four-armed version became associated with the cross of Jesus. This is the more common design today. ⁣

This second cross, with four arms, was made from Iris leaves.⁣

This third cross goes back to my days in New York and was made from reeds. This one shows the crisscrossing of the weave the best. ⁣




Brigid is one of my favourite goddesses. She has a global heritage and you may know her by one of her other names: Inasã in Brazil; Athena in Greece; Brigantia in Britain; Maman Brigitte in Haiti; or Saint Brigid throughout Catholicism. ⁣

She is an ancient Celtic goddess with lineage from the Tuatha Dé Danann or the people of the Goddess Danu (another favourite of mine). Brigid is a goddess of creativity and has inspired artists, poets, musicians, and healers for centuries. ⁣

She’s also a nurturing goddess and brings blessings to new beginnings.

I founded Motherhaus on Brigid’s Day and got married on Brigid’s Day.⁣