About Motherhaus

Cultivating Brands

Motherhaus LLC is a creative consultancy that cultivates brands. Our focus is on businesses in transition:

  • startups just creating their brands
  • companies expanding their product offerings
  • brands that have become disorganized or disconnected from their core principles and need to get back on track

We work strategically to assure that your brand image and communications provide an honest and consistent reflection of who you are, for a more powerful connection with your audience.

Honest Collaboration

At Motherhaus, we work collaboratively, making sure that we capture what makes you unique. While many creatives simply have their own idea of what they want to do and hope they can push it through, we strive to truly understand what you are seeking—what is behind the request and not just the request itself. There’s a strong back-and-forth and you’ll really feel like we are an extension of your vision and objectives.

Broad Capabilities

Motherhaus is a boutique firm, so you will be interacting directly with the people who are doing the work without layers of management and bureaucracy. Our team—led by Motherhaus’ Principal and Creative Director Kevin King—has broad capabilities and we will detail and assemble the optimal talent for each objective and endpoint. Our exceptional services include creative direction, content development and copywriting, and digital development.

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