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MOTHERHAUS: pictures & conversations

Once upon a time…
Since the days of sagas and fairy tales, people have been inspired by stories.

Motherhaus is a place for storytelling. We have over 20 years of experience creating worlds around brands and ideas, telling nuanced stories that resonate.

We can bring your story to life through the power of pictures & conversations.

Pictures are the visual and intuitive expression of your ideas. They transmit your message before a word is even read.

Conversations are the connections you make. They are online and offline, personal and professional. They are any of the ways you interface with your audience.

Applied Magic
In addition to pictures & conversations, great storytelling needs a little magic. It’s the glue that holds worlds together. Our magical tools include:

  • sacred geometry
  • mystical symbolism
  • color theory
  • feng shui
  • astrology
  • We apply these old traditions in a modern, forward-looking way, for a richer, multi-layered story.

    What’s your story?
    Motherhaus will bring it to life.

  • Branding
  • Experiential Design
  • Online Content & Technology
  • Tactical Materials & Fulfillment
  • Consultative Services
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