Not without my MiO!

This campaign introduces new MiO Energy to Target customers, using scenarios in which they could use an added boost while cross-promoting other Target products.

Online with Owned Media

These ads introduce new MiO Energy on, Facebook, and the MiO Website, offering an instant coupon.

Gift with Purchase Offer

This ad Introduces new MiO Energy on the Spotlight and the MiO Website, with a free teeshirt featuring MiO Energy Swirls.

Energy Holster

A free Mio Energy Holster—a Target exclusive—is promoted on, Facebook, the MiO website, in app ads and banners, as well as in the Target circular to introduce the new MiO Energy. This campaign leverages MiO’s 160,000+ fans and their friends to cross-promote Target and MiO.

MiO Energy and Gaming

Aisle endcaps promote a tie-in with gaming, offering a free bottle of MiO with every system purchase.

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